The One Step Further Strategy on Google Plus

This day and age that we’re living in we can get a hot meal in minutes, send a text message across the country and have it arrive in seconds, we have technology at google plus our fingertips that allow us to skip the waiting.  This is also hurting our strategy and our ideals on Google Plus too.

Rush, rush, rush.

Quick, quick, quick.

We want results and we want them now.  Not willing to take that one extra step that will solidify our existence on Google Plus and make that lasting impression that really makes a difference on this platform. I want to discuss the strategy of taking it one step further on G+ and how it can help you maximize your potential full circle in social media.

What’s The One Step?

That one step that you can take to advance yourself to a higher height on this platform is actually a choice to slow down and take the time to really immerse yourself inside the inner workings of what’s going on around you.

The +1

For example, the most popular thing to do on G+ is to give the good ole’ “plus 1″ to someone. It’s saying that you agree with what they’re saying in the update. Hitting this button tells the sharer that you’re happy to see them, what they’ve just said is right, etc. There’s a thousand and one reasons why you would hit the plus one button. I sometimes hit it because it’s a friend of mine that has shared something. If you’re simply doing this all the time, then that one step that you can take is to advance yourself to the next level and engage with that person after you hit that plus one button.

Sure, the plus one says everything you want it to say to the person who has just spent a half hour typing something up in the description, but when you think of someone spending that much time to share with you something of importance, and you “slap” them across the face by doing something that takes you a half second to perform, then you’re simply not doing everything that you can on Google Plus.

That said, is the plus one strategy enough? Sure it shows everyone in your stream what you have just plussed, and, in that case, yes it would be enough. Getting the content out there, that’s the key.

Or is it?

Let’s take a look beyond the content, beyond the hours spent writing it, all of the pages searching for that one perfect image to represent the content on social media, and look at the person. Let’s evaluate and see if you should take your social strategy a step beyond the plus one button.

As I said, this person has taken the time to write a painstakingly great article, and then also wrote out a great description on Google Plus in their update.  Take your game up a notch by doing something you don’t normally do on that person’s update.

Get the Google Plus Business in a Box

The Challenge

I challenge you to take the extra step, the step beyond the plus one button, and make an effort to re-share, engage, interact and promote that person of interest.  When I challenge you to this step, I don’t merely want you to go off resharing every post that you see, but on posts that you DO see that are interesting, instead of just hitting the share button and pressing “send”, take the time to give that person some props in the G+ description for what they have just done.

Why would you give more than just a plus 1?

There are things that would constitute giving more than just a plus:

  1. Does that person create valuable content?
  2. Does that person meet your niche market?
  3. Does that person re-share valuable content?
  4. Is this person someone with which you have a relationship with?

While, for the most part, all of these could possibly be “yes”, sometimes #4 isn’t a point with which we’re accustomed with.  So if #4 is a no you should just pass it by?  No.  Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take an extra step.  What’s the “one step further” strategy?  If you don’t know them, make it a point to get to know them!

That has always been my take in marketing on Google Plus.  Too many social sites have released their API and it has become a place where bots meet to splatter their owners links all over the place.  Since Google+ hasn’t released their’s to 3rd party tools for automation, in a sense, you’re still getting real interaction on this platform.

Always ask yourself these questions when you come across someone’s update on G+.  If they consistently create valuable content, are in your niche or somewhere thereabouts, and consistently re-share valuable content, you will more than likely know that person already.  However, if you don’t.  It would be a great time to introduce yourself!  If someone fits the criteria, then by all means, give them a plus one…but you already knew that didn’t you?  This isn’t about what you’re going to do anyway, it’s about getting you motivated to go beyond your call of duty on Google Plus.

The End Results:

In my experience, if someone sees you doing everything that you can do for them, they usually return the favor for you.  More than likely a connection will be made, and perhaps a strong friendship will cultivate as well.  Bringing your marketing strategy to another level on G+ is not about you.  It’s about those around you.  It’s about deciding who will fit into your stream, and who will fit your followers needs.

So, go out and do something different today, and go beyond that plus one button!

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  1. “Too many social sites have released their API and it has become a place where bots meet to splatter their owners links all over the place. Since Google+ hasn’t released their’s to 3rd party tools for automation, in a sense, you’re still getting real interaction on this platform.”

    You are exactly right about bots and API thing. This is the reason many people are going back to old style content moderation and posting instead of automating everything.

    On G+ or any other network, your prime objective should be Building trust and finding your audience, Automated tools could be useful to some extent but they can’t replace the need of hand crafted content marketing strategy for your business.

  2. I am a huge fan of Google+ yet I just started to take it seriously.
    I found that it is the best place to go meet other high-quality bloggers and network with them.

    Know your target market, follow the top dogs and start networking with them. It’s very hard to do physically but on the internet, it’s a click away. 1 Share from the right person can bring tremendous traffic to your website and help you gain popularity.